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ashes of crikcet
Test cricket between Australia and England is known as Ashes. Ashes is considered the most popular cricketing event in test match cricket. It is also the series having exactly five test matches and the one who wins the series will take the Ashes trophy. If the series ends in  a draw then, the country which had hold the Ashes trophy earlier will hold the trophy. Click here for the history of Ashes:

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Australia has won 37 Ashes series in comparison to
30 series for England
If we want to see head to head then, Australia is ahead of England in both number of matches and series win in Ashes.In total of 316 matches played in Ashes series Australia has recorded 131 matches win , England has won 91 matches and rest 88 matches has ended in draw.
   Australia won  England won  Draw  Ashes winning ratio 
 Matches = 316      131        91   88          1.44
 Series =75     37       30              8          1.23

Highest team total was recorded way back in 1938 when they were down under in the last test match of Ashes series. With the help of  Leonard Hutton's massive 364 individual runs, they have reached such a sky high team score.
  Team  Team score  Year
 England    903/7 1938 
 Australia    729/6 1930
 Australia    701/10 1934
 Australia    695/10 1930 
 Australia     674/6 1938 

Sir Donald Bradman hold the record for most individual runs in Ashes with 5028 runs in just 37 matches.
     Player    Country     Runs 
 Don Bradman     Australia  5028 
 Jack Hobbs    England  3636
 Alan Border    Australia  3548
 David Gower    England  3269 
 Steve Waugh    Australia  3200 

Record for maximum number of centuries in Ashes also belongs to Don Bradman with 19 centuries in 37 matches. In those 19 centuries two of them were triple centuries.
     Name     Team   No. of Century
 Don Bradman   Australia            19
 Jack Hobbs  England           12
 Steve Waugh  Australia             10
 Wally Hammond   England            9  
 Greg Chappell   Australia           9
 David Gower  England            9
Sir Donald Bradman in Ashes
In record for the highest batting average, again Sir Donald Bradman remains on top with the blistering batting average of 89.78 although it is way less than his career batting average of 99.94.
         Player  Country    Batting Average 
 Don Bradman    Australia         89.78
 Herbert Sutcliffe    England        66.85
 Ken Barrington   England        63.96
 Steve Waugh   Australia        58.18 
 Leonard Hutton    England        56.46

Leonard Hutton's 364 runs in the last test match in 1938 is the record for highest individual run record in ashes. In the same match, England set the record for highest team total of 903/7.
  Player  Country   Individual runs 
 Leonard Hutton   England          364 
 Don Bradman  Australia          334
 Hen Barriagton  England         256
 Wally Hammond   England         251
  Mark Taylor  Australia         219

If we see the record for highest partnership in Ashes, then it is totally dominated by Australia and Don Bradman. The top three highest partnership has been recorded by Australia and Don Bradman is in each three highest partnership. 
  Partners     Country    Runs in partnership
 WH Ponstord and
 DG Bradman
   Australia       451
 SG Barnes  and
 DG Bradman
   Australia       405
 SG Barnes and
 DG Bradman
   Australia       388
  L Hutton and
 M Leyland
   England       382
 GA Gooch and
 DI Gower 
   England        351 

Shane Warne has taken 195 wickets in 36 test matches against England, which it the record for most wicket takers in Ashes. He had take 195 wickets at an bowling average of 23.25 and with the strike rate of 55.1.
  Player name   Country    Wickets    Best
 Shane Warne    Australia     195    8/71
 Dennis Lillee    Australia     167    7/89
 Glenn McGrath     Australia    157    8/38 
 Ian Botham    England    148    6/78

Record for best bowling average in Ashes

George Lohmann has taken 77 wickets against Australia  in 15 matches with bowing average of 13.01.
  Name  Country    Bowling average 
 George Lohmann    England          13.01
 Charlie Turner   England          16.53
 Bobby Peel   England          16.98
 Jim Laker   England          18.27
 Glenn McGrath    Australia          20.98
Darren Gough is the one and only player to record hat-trick in Ashes. He managed to take hat-trick in 19898/1999 test match in Sydney.
 Player    Team         Year
 Darren Gough  England 1998/1999 

Interesting fact about ashes trophy
Ashes trophy
The Ashes urn trophy is totally different than the typical trophy made of precious metal. A Ashes urn is believed to contain something that surely, no trophy in world has got; a burnt cricket ball. Another interesting thing is that, the team which wins Ashes is considered to win the trophy but the trophy is always keep in M.C.C museum at Lord's no matter which team retain Ashes. So, after 1998-99, the representation of Ashes urn is provided to winning team as the official Ashes trophy.

Ashes for pride
We call Ashes game but, Aussies and English think Ashes as their pride. That's why, the Ashes series is considered as the most popular event in test match cricket. Though Australia seems ahead of England in Ashes record but, effort of every player makes the clash equal virtually. Ashes series has gave was legends and is creating legends. And, surely, the next Ashes series will bring the same.

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