History of cricket

History about first evidence of cricket

The history of cricket is very quite unknown when and who started it but, it is believed that cricket was started about 1000 years ago probably after Roman Empire. Research of cricket suggest that, cricket arose from the club-ball game ( a club striking a ball ). No other evidence has been found about the history of cricket. History of cricket is rather dark and unknown although its not too long before cricket was started.

History of cricket from 16th century to 18th century ( Growth of cricket):

First cricket bat and history of cricket bat used
From past to present Since, there is no exact evidence about history of cricket, we can assume that the history of cricket began from late16th century. At that time, cricket used to be the game of children. The first known participation of adult in cricket was in early 17the century in 1611, who missed the church on Sunday while playing the cricket and they were fined for it. Then, after many evidence of cricket played has been found. In the middle years of 17th century cricket was popular but, as gamble. Cricket then, began its popularity but, only in England and few other parts of Europe and one of the major event in history of cricket is the establishment of
M.C.C. (Marylebone Cricket Club). M.C.C. is the organization which made the rules of cricket. Still rules made by M.C.C are followed now a days, except some changes in some rule. 

History of cricket in 19th century:

Cricket game went to change when the first country club was established. Then after other many country cricket team were formed. One of the most important day in 19th century about the history of cricket is first international cricket match played. In 1844 A.D., first international cricket game was played between Canada and U.S.A. in New York. In 1859, the English team went to North America for first over seas tour to play cricket and in 1862, England toured Australia to play cricket and Australia also toured England to play cricket in 1868. In 1877, England played full matches against Australia XI and is considered as the first test match in the history of world cricket.
first international cricket match

Cricket History: Test playing nations

Have you ever noticed that, all the test playing nation are the nations who were under the influence of British empire. British Empire are responsible for the popularity of cricket in world. Here is the list of the country and date when they achieved Test status: 
England - 1877
Australia - 1877
South Africa - 1889
West Indies - 1928
New Zealand - 1929
India -1932
Pakistan - 1952
Sri Lanka - 1982
 Zimbabwe - 1992
Bangladesh - 2000

History of limited over cricket:

The first limited over cricket was first introduced in country cricket in 1963. Limited over cricket was introduced to other countries as well. And, in 1971, the history of cricket got one significant change when first international limited over game was played. Many traditional cricket lovers did not liked the change of cricket in this form but, this made cricket popular among youngster and busier people. Limited over cricket was name O.D.I ( One Day International) because this game was finished in one day. World Cup of cricket is played in each four years in O.D.I format.And, another concept of 20-20 was brought in cricket by England in 2003 and it was commercially very successful and adopted internationally. Because, 20-20 cricket takes less than 4 hours to finish.
India after winning Ist 20-20 worldcup championship
  Its not too long before the cricket was known but, cricket has become popular very fast. And, cricket has become most popular game in world after football. Many critics also have criticized the game cricket. Mainly, George Bernard Shaw has criticized cricket and cricketers but, its the matter of thinking if you find cricket interesting and you enjoy it don't be in shame to watch and talk to friends only because of stupid philosophy. One, thing I want to learn from the history of cricket is that, I don't want to be the part of cricket history but, I want cricket to be in my history.

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