Top 5 Best All Rounders In Cricket

Cricketers who can contribute their team with both batting and bowling are known as all rounders. All rounders are very important for the same reason. If they can't perform with the batting there is always the chance to perform with the bowling. A cricket team consist of 10 cricketers excluding wicket-keeper; 5 bowlers and 5 batsman if there were no all rounders but, if you got 2 all rounders in team then, the team would get 6 batsman and six bowlers which is very useful for a team. So, it is very hard to imagine a good team without few good all rounders.Some, times the wicket keeper who have ability to bat is also named as the all rounders but, basically there are not counted as all rounders. In the modern day cricket, many wicket-keeper can bat very well like: Kumar Sangakkara, Adam Gilchrist, Mahendra Singh Dhoni etc. They are regarded as wicket-keeper batsman rather than all rounder in cricket.
One of the greatest all rounder of all time is Imran Khan.
Imran Khan
Cricket has got many good all rounders, Garfield Sobers ( A batting all rounder who was an excellent batsman and also could perform well in bowling with his spin. ), Ian Botham (A right hand batsman and right hand bowler) , Kapil Dev ( A bowling all rounder who was an excellent bowler and very handy with the bat as well). But, If some one talks about the world's best all rounder then, for me it is tie between Imran Khan and Garfield Sobers, two legend in the history of cricket.

Best All Rounders Of Cricket

Cricket has developed very fast but, what have not changed is the importance of all rounder in the team. Top 5 all rounders in the cricket world now a days are as follows:

5. Angelo Mathews
This Sri Lankan cricket is a very good all rounder; good hitter of a cricket ball and excellent fast arm bowling. He is though young but, his striking ability has given Sri Lanka a great asset of a bowler and his bowling in limited over cricket is just awesome.That's why Angelo Mathews is one of the top all rounders of cricket in world and he is in number five spot.

4. Andrew Flintoff
Who can forget this name after the Ashes series 2005, most entertaining tournament for me ever. And the star of that tournament was Andrew Flintoff who performed with both bat and the ball. His all round performance all made him man of the series. Andrew Flintoff has ability to become one of the best all rounders of all time but, injury problem made him back to remain at the number 4 spot of Top All Rounder.

3. Shane Watson
A truly Aussie star Shane Watson has always proved in international cricket when he had to prove. He was out from the team now and then due to his injury problem but, every time he was recovered his all round performance impressed the selector. Thought he changed his bowling action due to the recovery. He is still very effective in bowling and he is an excellent batsman, opener for Australia. His excellent all round performance makes him one of the best all rounders in cricket.

2. Shakib Al Hasan
Its not too long before, Bangladesh as approved for the test team but, Bangladesh has progressed very well in these day and one of the major contributor is Shakib Al Hasan. In many of matches won by Bangladesh, you will see the contribution of Shakib Al Hasan either with or bowl or with both. His terrific all round performance has enhanced the Bangladesh team and he is in the number 2 spot of top all rounders of all time.

1. Jacques Kallis
Who does not know the Jacques Kallis in modern cricket. He is one the best batsman in the cricket world. With the batting average about 55 and 45 in test cricket and ODI cricket respectively and with the bowling average of less than 32 runs, Jacques Kallis has been always very useful for South Africa. Not, only the he is all rounder with bowl and bat but, he is an excellent fielder as  well.
These are the top five all rounders of cricket. But, there are many good all rounders in this era who are not in this list of top all rounders.If we extend it to a list of top 10 all rounders then, the following name would have been added.

List of Top 10 All Rounders

6.   Abdul Razzak
7.   Dwane Bravo
8.   Shaid Afridi
9.   Danniel Vettori
10. Stuart Board

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Anonymous said...

Nice collection of all rounders. Thanks for the information

Anonymous said...

Jacue Kallis is the complete cricketer and could probably do a good job as a wicketkeeper if necessary

Anonymous said...

Not sure that Andrew Flintoff is in the top 4. Poor test averages in both batting (31.77) and bowling (226 wickets at 32.78 which is less than 3 wickets a test) Apart from a few match winning performances he has been pretty average

rahul said...

Dude the best is Wasim Akram!!! I am an indian.

Anonymous said...

I think, Kapil should be at top, he is the only one, with 400plus wickets, & 5000 more runs, as well, which, no one else has. let some one beat this.

anil sood said...

kapil is best, with 400plus, & 5000plus, let some one else beat it. why he is not mentioned, no 1, I fail to understand

sandking said...

lol where is jayasuriya only player who have 300 wickets and 13000 runs

Reddy said...

where is Kapil, Dilshan, Jayasurya and Chris Cairns.

yoga said...

please dont forget kapil dev

Saravanan said...

1-Kapil,2-Imran Khan,3-jack kallis,4-jack kallis,5-Yuvarj Singh

Saravanan said...

1-Kapil,2-Imran Khan,3-jack kallis,4-chris cairns,5-Yuvarj Singh

haris ilyas said...

where do Muhammad Hafeez hone? i think he is the best allrounder of all times

haris ilyas said...
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RJ said...

Mr.haris ...u have no ABC in cricket.just go into haffez wikipedia...he has to proof that he is a allrounder.let give him allrounder...real funny...

tousif said...
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Ravindra said...

Sanath Jayasuriya
Sri Lanka

Test Runs - 6973
Test Wickets - 98
ODI Runs - 13430
ODI Wickets - 323
T20 Runs - 629
T20 Wickets - 19

dazzo1975 said...

Sorry but very few of these would be in my top ten. I was born in 1975 so grew up in an age of quality all-rounders. In no particular order, Malcolm Marshall (a fine batsman and a fiend of a bowler), Kapil Dev, Ian Botham, Richard Hadlee, Imran Khan, Ravi Shastri, Cheetan Sharma, Derek Pringle, Carl Hooper, Simon O'Donnell, Mark Waugh, Wasim Akram. However, my fave (as much as I hate the Aussie so and so) is Steve Waugh. Batsman, bowler, fielder, captain. A true legend who was a pleasure to watch. DS

Ravikumar said...

Where is kapil & jayasurya. flintoff is an alrounder bt not a top class alrounder.

Seetham said...

I dont agree.This should be the list for ODI

5.Lance Klusner

4.Kapil Dev/Ian Botham

3.Shane Watson/Andrew Flintoff

2.Shakib Al Hasan/Imran Khan

1.Jacques Kallis

In Tests:

5.Kapil Dev

4.Keith Miller/Richard Hadlee

3.Ian Botham

2.Imran Khan

1.Garfield Sobers

raees said...

shahid afidi is now adays on number 1

raees said...

...why not shahid afridi is on nu 1..
00923469355062 me RAEES KHAN

Akram said...

shakib al hassan no 1 All rounder of the world...

shobhit bhatnagar said...

this is the list of top 10 all rounders in present time not all time

sylhety.boy said...

Sakib is best.proud for him