Records and Interesting facts of Brian Lara

Brian Lara is one of the world's most classiest batsman.Brian Lara has always been known for the test cricket rather than ODI although, he has crossed the landmark of 10,000 runs in both form of cricket.
"Cricket is my life and it circulates in my blood", statement by Brian Lara shows how loyal was he towards cricket. His superb batting career also shows the same.

Batting career of Brian Lara

Test1312321195352.8860.514834 9
ODI2992891040540.4879.516319 0

One of the greatest batsman in world, Brian Lara
Brian Lara

Records Of Brian Lara

Highest Individual Score in Test and First Class:
Brian Lara holds the record for highest individual score in test cricket of 400*. Another top score of Brian Lara is 375 runs which is the third highest individual score in test cricket. And interestingly, he is the only player to score more than 500 runs in a single inning in First class cricket aswell. He has a highest score of 501* runs in first class cricket.

Second Most Double Centuries record:
Brian Lara holds the record for second most double centuries in test cricket after Sir Don Bradman. He has scored 9 double centuries in test cricket whereas Bradman has scored 12 double centuries.

Most runs in an over:
Brian Lara had scored 28 runs in one over in the over of Robin Pietersen of South Africa. He had scored 4,6,6,4,4 and 4 runs in that over.

Most Triple Centuries:
Brian Lara holds the record for most triple centuries(2 triple centuries) in test cricket along with Donald Bradman, Chris Gayle and Virender Sehwag. One interesting fact is that, Brian Lara's both triple centuries score are more than any of these batsman's triple century score.B

Fastest 10000 and 11000 runs
Brian Lara holds the record for fastest 10,000 runs and 11,000 runs in test cricket. Brian Lara shares the record of fastest 10000 runs along with Sachin Tendulkar in 195 innings whereas he scored 11000 runs in 213 innings.
Batting graph of Brian Lara in Test cricket
Batting career graph of Brian Lara
Other records Of Brian Lara
-3rd fastest century in ODI in 45 balls against Bangladesh and 9th fastest century in test cricket in 77 balls against Pakistan
-Brain Lara scored 351 runs in a test but, desipte West Indies lose that match, which is also a record in test cricket

Interesting Facts about Brian Lara

-Nickname: The Prince Of Port-Of-Spain or The Prince of Trinidad or The Prince

-Brian Lara was 10th child of his parents among 11 children of their parents.

-One interesting fact about Brian Lara's highest score is that, in1994 Brian Lara scored 375 runs to record highest score in test matches which last for 9 years and is broken by Mathew Hayden scoring 380 runs in October 2003. Brian Lara scored the 400 runs in September 2004 which means, the highest score for Mathew Hayden did not last even for a year.

-Do you know Brian Lara also has taken 4 wickets in ODI cricket bowling his leg break. His bowling career is rather interesting as he has taken those 4 wickets at an average of  15.25 runs.

-Do you know, Brian Lara is the hardest player to bowl for world's top bowler, Muttiah Muralitharan according to Muttiah himself.

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