Funny Cricket Videos

Who can watch a cricket for 5 days when it is not fun. Cricket is fun in itself but, sometimes it becomes funny intentionally or unintentionally. Here are the list of funny clips and videos from all around the world. Time to get fun from funny cricket videos.

List of Funny Videos And Clips

  • Funniest dancing video of Shreesanth in the middle of pitch
  • Funniest dismissal video of Kevin Pietersen
  • Video of funniest field set you will ever see in a T20 cricket
  • Greatest run out video but, who misses it's funny run out as well
  • Worst Ball ever in cricket video
  • Australian crown following English cricket video
  • Even Ramiz Raja Laughed taking this interview
  • Videos of weird dismissals in cricket

Sreesanth funny dance in Middle of pitch video

This is the funniest things you will ever see in cricket match, a man moving his bat round and round dancing in the middle of pitch.
This video is from the test match between South Africa and India. Andre Nel stared at the Sreesanth saying something. Fortunately, Sreesanth hit six on the next ball and we could get this funny video.
Check out this video guys:

Kevin Pietersen's Dismissal Due to helmet video

There are 10 ways of batsmen dismissal. And, the one which is shown in this video also fall on category, ball hitting helmet which eventually comes out of head of batsman and fall to the broke the wicket.
Pretty confusing from the words, right? Why not to check this video of Pietersen's dismissal, which is one the weirdest way of dismissal.

Funny Field set in T20 cricket

T20 cricket is known as the total batsmen game. But, this is the most attacking field set you will ever see in T20 cricket surrounding and man by close fielders.
If you don't believe me, watch this video clip.

Worst Ball in Cricket

It will be little harsh to say it as worst ball video but, its kind of funny clip. Bowler could and grip the ball and batsman hit it like a hockey. Its sounds funny then, its more funny than it resembles when, you watch this video.

Greatest as well as funniest run out video in cricket

Inzamam Ul Haq is renowned for his amazing run outs. This is considered as the greatest run out of all time in cricket. But, what I like about this clip is, happy can this be possible making such a run out. 
I have no answers towards the brilliance of Jonty Rhodes and towards the hilariousness of this video.

Funny player crowd coordination clip

Australia and England are considered as the biggest rivals in cricket. Then, how can it be possible that, the Australian crowd follows exactly what an English players does something.
If you don't believe me, watch this video, yo will seriously love it.

Inzamam Ul Haq's funny interview

This is one of the funny interview given by Inzamam Ul Haq. Even Ramiz Raja laughed at this video so you will have fun too.

Videos of weird Dismissal in cricket

This final video contains the different weird and unique type of dismissals among 10 ways of dismissals. If you still think these are not funny cricket videos and clips then, watch videos for fun only.:D

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Kevin Pieteren's dismisal video was superb but, I missed that match....:(